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The Power of Love

It is a guide that takes you through the kernel of love to blast the theme off into a punch of emotions.

Bad Walter Spins

Read the narrative of a man’s journey in life through the hardships to achieve a dream that stays within the haze.


A Different Latitude

Take a tour through a different dimension of life with this session, and experience some new adventures on the way.


Snow and Other Guises

This tongue-in-cheek analysis of human antics is a must-read for everyone who loves to escape into quirky poems.


Part of the Deeper Sea

Dive into the depths of life to explore the colors that were clouded all this time. Be amazed by what follows.

Crazy Alice

Try this fictional biography that covers various areas of sexual concepts that take a progressive track.

Online Poetry Promtions

Get your work of art promoted with our support and open your oeuvre for the world to see.

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